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E-Assets Retrieval Internet Scam Fund Recovery Platforms is a progressive company focused on executing chargebacks and recovery of wealth/resources lost via internet scams and fraud. Do banks refund fraudulent transactions?


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Free consultation

Here at E-Assets Rretrieval, we pay listening ears to every of your complaints and offer you free litigation advice

Claims Evaluation

We investigate, analyze your claims, then structure the best route to take in the recovery process

Quick Processing

We understand the mental strain our customers are going through and hasten the recovery process.

Crypto Currency

With the rise of Bitcoin, “cryptocurrency” (or “crypto currency” or “altcoins”) has become the latest hot item for investors worldwide, which means that scammers are not far behind.

Fund Recovery

We process recovery of funds taken from you unjusty after thorough evaluation.

Excellent Customer Care

Our customer care is empathetic because we understand how saddening losing money can be.



At e-assetsretrieval Internet Scam Fund Recovery Platforms We do care about your opinions and feedbacks, your questions will also be entertained with all attentions, you can contact us today via

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    Can we truly help you ?

    Over time, E-Assets Retrieval (Internet Scam Fund Recovery Platform) has treated cases like yours and similar to yours, And, we have a clear understanding of how these sort of situations come to play. going through a charge back company without no experience in a risk itself, do not make the same mistake you made in the first place,do banks refund fraudulent transactions? let our in house seasoned professionals help you out. we are guaranteed to perform well, our results are quick and our success rate is very high with 0.01% margin for error.

    James Patterson

    Founder & CEO


    What our clients say?

    you guys made it seem very easy for me to know what to do.i was very grateful that every time the bank danced with me i was happy to know i could bounce it back to you. im happy that a group like you exist. Thank you Thank you guys. with each person i dealt with in your company it was an absolute pleasure. carry on with the internet fraud solutions.

    - from Berlin

    i was very happy with what your company could able to do for me.i dont know how it would be possible to improve your servies

    Quynh Anh
    From Hanoi

    Have got nothing but praise to you guys very professional id be happy to speak with anyone seeking for recommendation been in their position and know that they feel sceptical. Before i found you, i went to my bank but they did nothing.But once i submitted to them the materials you prepared They did not have a single question. Thats how good your documents were

    Nora Roberts
    from Moscow

    i was completely bewildered and had no idea on what to do.so i teamed up with e-assets-retrieval and we worked together and recovered $72,000 that was stolen from me. Nice on-line fraud refund processing

    Nora Roberts
    from Paris
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