Our Chargeback Program is custom-made for clients seeking to retrieve $5,000 or more in funds charged to a credit or debit card. It will provide you with a comprehensive and compelling Dispute Report designed to explain to your bank why it should approve your chargeback request. The E-Assets Retrieval team will accompany you from start to finish throughout the chargeback process, regardless of the time it takes.

Preparatory Process
Within one business day after registering, our Documentation Department will send you an email to request copies of a number items that we will need to verify the payments you made to the vendor that you seek to reverse. A few days afterwards, you will receive a phone call from the Documentation Department to verify you received the email and walk you through the process.

Once the Documentation Department has assembled all relevant bank statements, credit card receipts, screenshots of transactions, and any other documents that corroborate the your case, they will be submitted to our Customer Service Department for review and preparation.

Subsequent Processes
The E-Assets Retrieval Customer Service Department will prepare and send the client a personalized E-Assets Retrieval Dispute Report
The client will file the Dispute Report to the issuing bank to formally file the chargeback request (note that some banks require the request to be submitted on their own form)
An E-Assets Retrieval recovery agent will join you in any conference calls that have to be made with your bank in order to expedite your dispute
If necessary, E-Assets Retrieval will prepare a reply to any response filed by the vendor, request arbitration, or escalate the case to a government regulator
The average time it takes to complete the chargeback process is three-to-four months, depending on a number of factors, although some cases can be concluded in as few as two months or extend to six
Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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