Fund Recovery: If you have been victimized by a financial scam, your first priority is to recover your investment. You can sue, but that can take an eternity, and, no less importantly, an attorney’s retainer and other legal fees can easily wind up exceeding the amount of money you lost. And who do you sue when you have no idea where the supposed brokerage is really located and who really runs it? In some underpopulated island nation or somewhere behind what was once the Iron Curtain? That’s a legal fiction, the proverbial fig leaf. No one from the company really resides or works there. They incorporated there precisely because that country’s governmental infrastructure is too superficial to provide you with any protection.

let us help you
E-Assets Retrieval offers you effective strategies. If you authorized payment using your credit or debit card, chargeback rules provide you with a lot of leverage to recover your funds – if you know how to take advantage of your rights.

The process involves several stages:

Our experts thoroughly review all your documentation (a process that can take up to two weeks)
We then prepare a detailed, written request for you to present to your bank
If necessary, we will speak to the bank to explain why you are entitled to a chargeback
We will continue to follow your request if that is required, even if it requires appeals to the bank ombudsman or a banking industry oversight agency
We offer four different fund recovery plans:

Our Case Builder Chargeback Program for transactions under $5,000 made by credit or debit card
Our Advanced Assistance Chargeback Program for transactions of $5,000 or more made by credit or debit card
Our Wire Transfer Recall Program for all transactions paid by wire
Our Legal Assistance Program for transactions that are not covered by the terms of agreement set by credit and debit card companies and/or banks
Please contact us for additional information.

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