Get Your Money Back: As a credit card consumer, it is important that you better understand your rights and the power that’s in your hands.

While it’s indeed fortunate that there are many rules and laws that apply to credit card transactions, they can also be very confusing if – like most people – you’re unfamiliar with them. You have your back covered when something goes wrong, but knowing how and when it’s best to utilize that protection is very complicated. It can be a very daunting task just to find the relevant rules, and that’s exactly why E-Assets Retrieval was created. We make the process painless, easy and most importantly, EFFECTIVE. We get your money back – or you get your money back!

If you experience a problem with your purchase, the first step obviously is to contact the merchant or business that sold you the goods or the services in question. They may or may not offer direct and immediate help. If in the end you find out you were scammed, E-Assets Retrieval is there for you.

If you are a debit card user, you enjoy a different set of protections than credit card users do. You can still claim your money back if goods are damaged, faulty or were never received. There is no limit on how much you are allowed to claim – and E-Assets Retrieval is here for you too!

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